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'World of Warships: Legends' (ALL) Will Be Adding Japanese Destroyers, Coming to PS5 And Xbox Series X|S Soon - Trailer

Excellent job remaining out of the way. Warship begins to feel like a pretty complete package once you have unlocked every ship. If you have Battle Of Warships MOD APK, then you will surely get all ships unlocked easily. Battle of Warships MOD Feature: Unlimited Gold; Unlocked / Free Shopping; There is a noticeable exception. The fact that you can only keep a handful of ships at a time without paying premium currency. World of Warships - free-to-play naval warfare-themed massively multiplayer game from Wargaming. And/or modifications of ships and aircraft are used only for the purpose of historical consistency and do not assume any funding or other involvement in the project on the part of the holders of trademarks. Characteristics of all models are.

Not gonna lie as someone who did the first iteration of the ARP collab all those years ago im really disappointed in this one cause i grinded for all the ARP ships when they came out and i got excited when i heard that Maya and Yamato was coming out and now i find out i have to get my wallet out to get both of them? With Yamato i can kinda understand cause its a tier 10 but Maya? To unlock all of this, you need thousands of hours playtime. You have enough credits in combination with premium time to play any tier and ship you like without caring about making profit or not. There was no strike or ban (not even a chat ban) on this account.

by Rainier on Nov. 5, 2020 @ 6:10 a.m. PST

World of Warships: Legends is a free-to-play naval action MMO based on sea battles of the 20th century that complete the 'World of' war trilogy.

Keeping with the best traditions of the series, World of Warships will offer a straightforward interface, easy-to-use controls, and a common economic system that will allow players to distribute resources between the three games for the ultimate progress in each of them.

The large assortment of available warships will give various tactical opportunities, as all the machines have a unique combination of firepower, speed, armor, and endurance. Various naval maps with changing weather conditions will enrich the gameplay, and the realistic graphics will transport players into the epic battles that changed the course of human history.

You will move through tiers of ships trying out various legendary vehicles in the process and training your commanders to best accommodate available sets of weaponry and hull characteristics. Choose from two types of shells, launch torpedoes and outsmart your opponents. If you like blunt force, several ships will cater to your interests as well, be it destroyers that can stealthily approach the enemies or battleships with high risk/high reward salvos, which take a long time to reload, but wreak havoc if targeted well. Cruisers are the jacks of all trades that will be appreciated by players looking for a middle ground.

When it comes to nations, World of Warships currently has 10 represented in the game. Major ones are: Japan, USA, USSR, Germany, Britain and France. There are also selected vehicles available for the Pan-Asian, Polish, Italian and Commonwealth navies. The number of ships in the game is always growing and you should be able to find something suitable to your playstyle pretty easily.

This November, World of Warships: Legends adds a group of new Japanese Destroyers along with the new Yasen Butai Leader and Tokyo Express campaigns, giving players the opportunity to add a ton of firepower to their Japanese fleet. In addition, the update brings two new Legendary Tier destroyer projects to the Bureau, gameplay improvements to secondary armaments, and preparations for Black Friday later this month.

Importantly, as the next-gen consoles are finally getting to players, we're happy to announce World of Warships: Legends will be available for Xbox Series X/S by the end of November, while PS5 players will get to enjoy the sea battles shortly after the console is released.

The Japanese destroyer tech tree will be split this update starting at Tier IV, bringing some alternatives to the tried and true Japanese torpedo boats. The new additions, Minekaze, Hatsuharu, Shiratsuyu, and Akizuki offer more capable main battery guns as you move up the tiers, unlike their older counterparts who focus on torpedoes. The Tier VII Akizuki in particular mounts the superb Japanese 100mm guns, featuring nimble turrets and a high rate of fire! Although more gunfire-focused, these ships still carry the powerful Japanese torpedoes for tricky situations. The entire line is available for research from the start of the update, so players can start unlocking these new destroyers right away.

Two new campaigns will run during the update. For the next four weeks, players can work on the Yasen Butai Leader campaign to unlock the Tier VII Japanese large cruiser Azuma. This super cruiser of sorts was designed to replace the Kongo-class battleships as leaders of the Yasen Butai, or 'Night Battle Force.' Armed with nine 310mm guns and decently protected, the Azuma can fight almost any target at range with her powerful high-explosive shells. Azuma is defined by her outstanding gunnery and large health pool, fit for long-range combat. Players can battle through the 100 milestones with Admiralty Backing to unlock this monster of a cruiser. Afterwards, the shorter Tokyo Express campaign begins. It will run for two weeks to give players the chance to get the Japanese commander Raizō Tanaka along with a bunch of gear by completing 40 milestones.

The Bureau is getting two new projects for players to work on, namely unlocking the Legendary Tier destroyers Khabarovsk and Shimakaze. Like the other Legendary tier ships, unlocking these destroyers will be a long-term goal attained by logging in daily and acquiring boosts from your fleet and commander roster, as well as participating in battles. Khabarovsk is a large Russian destroyer with a set of punchy 130mm guns, built for gun duels with destroyers and even some cruisers thanks to her comparatively sturdy construction. The Shimakaze is the pinnacle of the Japanese torpedo destroyer concept, carrying fifteen long-range torpedoes and boasting a solid top speed.

There are some gameplay improvements arriving in this update as well, most notably in the form of a new consumable for battleships: Enhanced Secondary Targeting. This will significantly improve the accuracy of your secondary battery guns for 30 seconds, which can couple with a new skill for brawling commanders, as well as tweaks to a few other abilities. Overall, secondary armaments should perform much better after this update!

The update also brings a sneak peek at what is in store for this Black Friday, including the 4 new Black Fleet ships: Mutsu B, Indianapolis B, Atago B, and Blyskawica B! This will be the first reappearance of the Blyskawica in over a year, including her unique commander–Jerzy Świrski. These exclusive ships will be available for a limited time, and the Atago B in particular will only be available via the new Black Friday containers.

It's a packed update this time, with plenty of new ships and projects for players to start working on! Brace yourselves and turn the tide!

There are 7 tiers of ships in total and you begin at tier I with late XIX to early XX century cruisers. Vehicle tiers can be separated in two distinct timelines - tiers I-IV belong to the 'dreadnought era', while everything from tier V and above is grouping the WWII ships. After playing several battles with them and getting acquainted with controls and basic mechanics, you'll move over to tier II cruisers, that are faster, better armed, more sturdy and have a choice of armament (high-explosive or armor-piercing shells). From there you'll be able to branch out into the destroyers which are all about stealth and high risk-high reward gameplay. Tier III will allow you to try out the battleships which bring huge salvos and armor, yet lack in maneuverability.

Maps are square with sizes range from 24x24 km to 18X18 km. Smaller maps are usually reserved for lower tiers, bigger - for higher. The maps are quite different both in size and island distribution. You will see all kinds of landscapes: from the icebergs of Arctic to the tropics of southeast Asia.

World of Warships: Legends is available on PS4 and Xbox One, coming soon to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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The Research Bureau provides a way for highly accomplished players to earn ships otherwise unobtainable, and have some fun doing it.
They erase progress on a tech tree ship line back through Tier II and re-earn the ships all the way up to Tier X.


The Research Bureau - How It Works
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    • 6.5Stacking resets
World of warships unlock all ships hack

The principle of player progression in World of Warships is moving from lower tier to higher tier ships up to the apex of each branch — the Tier X ship. However, in doing so, players often leave intermediate-tier ships behind. These ships offer game play experiences that are equally interesting as those of Tier X ships. And often, a now-more experienced player will discover that his lower-tier ships seem to play better than when he was first grinding through them.


Any player with five (5) unlocked tech tree Tier X ships automatically qualifies for the Research Bureau.[1] Obtaining Research Points in other ways, e.g. through Daily Missions or Dockyard events, also qualifies one for the Research Bureau.

Immediately on qualifying, a player is awarded 10,000 Research Points (RP) that can be redeemed in the Armory.

Merely qualifying does not enable the resetting of ship lines; that still requires at least five (5) unlocked tech tree Tier X ships.

In the qualified player's Armory, a Research Bureau page is enabled that describes the loot for which RP can be exchanged. See below.

Earning Research Points

Although small amounts of can continue to be obtained from such as Daily Missions and Dockyard events, the primary source is by resetting lines of tech tree ships, then re-earning and playing them. A line is defined as those ships that must be unlocked consecutively to obtain a Tier X ship. (In the case of split lines, e.g. the USN CL and CA cruiser lines, each line includes the ships that are common to both (in this case the Tier II-V USN cruisers)). Gunship lines consist of 10 ships each; aircraft carrier lines consist of 4 ships each.

World Of Warships Ships Guide

In order to earn Research Points, a line is 'reset' as described below. The ships of the line must then be unlocked again. When each of the six ships Tiers V [2] to X of the line is in port, winning a battle[3] in it earns Research Points. Each higher tier ship earns progressively more RP. Gunship lines earn a maximum of 10,200 per reset. Carrier lines earn less: 8,000 . More than one line may be reset at the same time.

Resetting a line

Each tech tree line with a Tier X ship will display, in the Tech Tree panel in Port, a button below the line to reset the line. Pressing this button will cause:

  • all ships in the line, Tiers II through X, to be sold for credits (at the normal Sell price),[4]
  • all modules for those ships, mounted or saved in Inventory, to be sold for credits ,
  • all Upgrades on or for those ships to be de-mounted to Inventory at no cost,
  • all mounted camouflages and signals to be de-mounted, including permanent camos and skins,
  • all Commanders on those ships to be moved to Reserve.
  • all Elite XP on those ships is transferred to the Tier 1 ship, where it may be used to unlock the Tier II ship.


Each Research Bureau season lasts three months.[5] In each season, the first line reset becomes eligible for double (2x) Research Points when the Tiers VI-X ships in the line are played to a win. Season end dates may be viewed by scrolling to the bottom of the tech-tree.

  • Season 4 - 17 May 2020 to 15 Aug. 2020
  • Season 5 - 16 Aug. 2020 to 13 Nov. 2020
  • Season 6 - 14 Nov. 2020 to 12 Feb. 2021 (est.)

Note that the 2x season bonus does not depend on the first line reset being unlocked or played first. The second line reset may be completed and played first, but it will earn only the base Research Points.

Regrinds do not need to be completed within a specific season to obtain the 2x RP bonus.

RP Loot

Research Points can be exchanged in the Armory for items, most notably the unique ships X Colbert (57,000 ), X Ohio (62,000 ), X Slava (63,000 ), IX Paolo Emilio (43,000 ), and IX Siegfried (47,000 ), Unique Upgrades, and signal flags. In the future more items will become available for . See the Armory page for updates and details.


There are several ways to use the Research Bureau, understanding that there are two goals: acquire Research Points (RP), and enjoy playing low- and mid-tier ships again.

World of warships

Play It Your Way

This is the longest and may be the most rewarding way to earn back the ships of a reset line. Start with the Tier I ship of the line and play it to earn enough XP to unlock the Tier II ship. Buy it. Repeat through Tier X.

As with the first time you did it, no extra experience or credits are required; the ships earn it themselves. Oh, you might toss in a little FXP to get over a hump or two, but the play's the thing.

Blowing By

Free XP will unlock any tech tree ship, so with enough you can unlock the whole line, selectively purchasing and playing ships as desired. This technique certainly saves time, but you might miss discovering that that long-hated ship is actually pretty good in your now-skilled hands.

Level up to Six

The ships of Tiers II through V are inexpensive to unlock and inexpensive to purchase . Some players will immediately FXP past them to Tier VI, and some will use them to earn credits for those expensive high-tier ships.

Doing A Split

Some tech tree branches split into two lines:

  • the Soviet destroyer branch splits after Tier VII.
  • the Japanese destroyer branch splits after Tier IV.
  • the American cruiser branch splits after Tier V.

The splits make resetting and re-grinding those lines a little easier. Resetting both sides of a split line can save a fair amount of time or Free XP over re-grinding two full lines separately.

Using the Soviet tree as an example, a player who has unlocked both Khabarovsk and Grozovoi can reset both at the same time and need unlock the Tier II-VII ships only once to complete both destroyer lines. (In this case, although they are common to both, unlocking and winning in Podvoisky, Gnevny and Minsk earns RP for only one line.)

Stacking resets

For a player rich in Free XP , this is the easiest way to accumulate Research Points (RP). The Tier V-X ships of a reset line need not be played to qualify for RP at an eventual first win.

A player can reset, then unlock an entire line using without purchasing or playing a single ship, and the Tier V-X ships will 'remember' that they are due those at the first win. Then the player can reset, then unlock the same line without purchasing or playing a ship, and the Tier V-X ships will 'remember' that they are due more at the first win. When those ships eventually are purchased and played for a win, the accrued Research Points are awarded.


1) In Season 1 a player unlocks his fifth tech tree Tier X ship and immediately receives 10,000 .
2) He resets his KM cruiser line. All Tier II+ KM cruisers in port etc. are sold. Then he spends (roughly 650,000) FXP to unlock all nine ship through Tier X yet purchases none of them. His Tier V through X ships thus gain the ability to play for double (the Season 1 bonus) at any future time — 20,400 for all five.

World Of Warships Ship List

3) In the same season, the player resets his KM cruiser line again, and again unlocks all nine ships. His Tier V through X ships thus can play for another RP award — an additional 10,200 for all five.
4) As his first reset of Season 2, the player resets his KM cruiser line for the third time, and again spends to unlock all nine ships. His Tier V through X ships thus accrue access to yet another double award (the Season 2 bonus) — 20,400 .

World Of Warships

5) He then purchases his five Tier V-X ships and plays five Co-op games, all wins, thus earning a total of 51,000 to add to the 10,000 qualifying bonus, giving him 61,000 — enough to buy Colbert (57,000 ).

He has spent roughly 2M , (assuming he buys no modules) ~51M , and played 6 games. Elapsed time, about 2 hours total.


The following achievements have been added celebrating milestones in the number of lines reset:

  • Junior Shipbuilder (10 resets),
  • Senior Shipbuilder (50 resets),
  • Shipbuilding Inspector (100 resets), and
  • Chief Shipbuilding Inspector (150 resets).

Only lines reset after Update 0.9.9 went live (30-Sep-2020) are counted for these achievements.


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  1. The Research Bureau was introduced with Update 0.8.7. At first, five Tier Xs was the only way to qualify.
  2. With Update 0.9.9, Tier V ships earn 200 .
  3. Recognized game modes are Random, Co-op, Scenario, Ranked. Wins in Clan Battles or in the Training Room are not counted.
  4. Tier I ships have no unlock or purchase cost so are not sold, nor are upgrades and signals de-mounted or the commander sent to reserve.
  5. So far, the seasons appear to end on the closest Friday to the 15th and the next start on the following Saturday.

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